Wee Bit about Checkpoint Charlie & Me

Checkpoint Charlie was founded in 2014. It is an independent shop, owned by a proud Bogside and Derry girl.
I was born into a Derry on the verge of revolution, people had taken enough of the sectarian nature of the Northern Ireland state. Growing up, everyone around me was involved in radical politics. It shaped me, my family and friends. “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” The idea behind the shop was to provide the growing number of visitors to the city with quality gifts and souvenirs that reflect the social, historical and political story of the city.
After the City of Culture in 2013, Derry became more of a destination of interest for travellers. I realised there was a niche in the market for souvenirs that reflected the political history of the city, in particular. I always viewed Free Derry wall as an historical monument and I wanted to celebrate it in my products. My shop tells the story of our history, this comes directly from my experience and background.
What I didn’t factor into the initial plan is that Derry people love Derry and are very proud of their home town. I began to produce gifts that spoke to Derry people about our humour, sayings and craic. Since Derry Girls, our sayings and banter have gone global. Tell me who in the world doesn’t know what Catch Yourself On means?
If you’re visiting Derry, living in Derry, away from Derry or have people in America and all them places, you’ll find special gifts at Checkpoint Charlie as a reminder of how class Derry is.
Follow my shop on social media, for the craic, if nothing else.