Tony Doherty's Memoirs of Derry

Tony Doherty's Memoirs of Derry

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Three memoirs written by Tony Doherty about his life growing up in Derry.

First Book - This Man's Wee Boy: 

Set against the backdrop of the emerging tension, violence and political turmoil in Derry in the late 60s and early 70s, Tony Doherty shares his memories of life as a small boy from a working class family struggling to make ends meet. Along the way we're transported into the heart of The Creggan and The Bogside were we meet the local characters, his childhood friends, his ever growing number of brothers and sisters, his young mother Eileen and at the centre of his world, Patsy Doherty the father he loves and looks up to.

Second Book - The Dead Beside Us: 

Tony Doherty, author of 'This Man's Wee Boy', continues his journey growing up in Derry in the midst of the 'Troubles'. In this sequel to the hugely popular 'This Man's Wee Boy', young Tony struggles to come to terms with the murder of his father, Paddy, on Bloody Sunday and the impact it has on his mother, Eileen, and his brothers and sisters. 

Third Book - The Skelper & Me: 

'As I grew older I often asked myself whether history has made me who I am, and will I, in turn, make history with that?' Tony Doherty has lived in the shadow of his father's execution on Bloody Sunday. At 18 he found himself facing long-term imprisonment, yet the soldier who shot his father was a free man. The Skelper and Me is no ordinary memoir. It is a triumph of working class resolve and resilience over the last bastion of Empire.